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ProgressivE Commercial

Earning the Right through Reflection

Brand relevancy was weak. Progressive is known for its iconic spokesperson, Flo. Unfortunately, her whimsical nature was not performing well for Progressive's business unit, especially when it came to long-haul truckers. As a result, Progressive Commercial trucking insurance was not in truckers’ consideration set, even with very competitive rates. Owner Operators felt Progressive did not truly understand their needs as a business or as people.

Our work is helped change all that while contributing to record-high applications month over month.


Key activations include:

– Original documentary series contributing to incredible time-on-site metrics, comments, and engagements

– Creation of a new Record Label featuring original songs performed by Grammy-nominated artists

– Financial video series devoted to running a small trucking business

– Mental Health podcast to discuss common issues of PTSD, road stress, and family life

– A ground-up and thriving Facebook community 

– Immersive experiential events at industry trade shows and mobile experiential at events and truck stops

– Emotive charitable activations and films

Business Results:

  • Generated over 500K Qualified Call Center Calls (Strong Call Growth 16% Increase) leading to 99K Quotes (up 19%) and generating 39K Applications (up 9%)

  • All-time Gain of 6% Over Prior Year, Outperforming the Category

  • Achieved Highest Number of Policies in Force (PIF)

  • Doubled policy totals in 10 years

Performance Metrics:

  • Over 65M media impressions

  • Over 200K direct engagements, including thousands of positive shares and comments from verifiable truck driver and Owner Operator accounts

  • Over 10M video views that amounted to over 20,000 hours (over 2.25 years!)of time spent watching Progressive branded content.

  • Most impressively, without any "paid-like campaign," we grew our opt-in audience from 0 to over 45,000 people who wanted to see our content and be a part of our growing tribe.