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IHTI Billboard


The world has gone numb. Sex trafficking of children is too important to allow this issue to go unnoticed. LEGEND's "Truth in Trafficking" campaign created intense emotions and uncomfortable conversations in cars, subway stations, TV News reports, and most importantly, family dinner tables just as it was created to do.

With over 25 billboards and 40 subway posters canvasing the #1city for human trafficking, Atlanta, everyone was talking about an ad campaign that shed new light on the issue. Instead of showing a crying adolescent, this campaign actually shows the internal and permanent damage done to a child through purchased sex by the buyer.

Our strategy was based upon the chilling fact that most buyers "do not believe they are harming the young child when engaging in this behavior; that it is mutually beneficial.

The campaign received incredible press attention from national, regional, and local TV and radio news as well as an amazing organic social engagement rate built on quality conversations online and in driving large attendance at new Human Trafficking training classes.


Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr praised the campaign for having the guts to make a difference in a city that so desperately needs it.  

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